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Teacher Page

At PS189M, we are proud to have some of the most dedicated teachers in the industry, who strive to promote learning and be positive role models for their students. We believe in developing skills and knowledge for life-long success, and our teachers are the foundation of this mission.

Virtual Team Meeting


Learning Meetings

At PS189M, we understand the importance of remote meetings and learning. We are committed to providing the best virtual learning experience for our students, teachers and staff.  We strive to ensure that our PS189M community has access to the same quality education, no matter where they are located.


Running Records Data Sheet

Student reading data is an important tool for educators to use to track the reading progress of their students. Educators can use this data to measure the reading levels of their students and assess any areas that may need improvement.  This data can be used to create a more effective learning environment and ensure that each student is getting the support they need.



Math Tracker

Math data is an important part of assessing student progress and understanding a student's learning needs. At PS189M, we track student math data to ensure our students are receiving the best possible education. We also use math data to track student growth and set goals to ensure that all of our students are making progress and achieving their learning objectives. 


Grade Book

STARS Classroom is designed to give teachers and parents a comprehensive overview of student performance throughout the school year. With this tool, teachers and parents can track student progress and make sure that they are getting the most out of their education.

Stars classroom
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