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School Calendar

Our School Calendar is designed to ensure that students, faculty and families have all the necessary information about activities, events and closures throughout the year. The calendar includes information on school holidays, special events, parent-teacher conferences and other special activities.  We strive to make sure that everyone is informed of important dates, so that they can plan their academic and personal schedules accordingly.

NYCDOE Calendar

The NYCDOE Calendar provides important information about school closings, holidays, events, and testing dates. School closures can be due to inclement weather, emergency situations, or special events. Holidays closures are typically scheduled for major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. Lastly, testing dates are also included in the calendar. It is important to check the calendar periodically to ensure that you are aware of upcoming closures and events.

School Lunch

At our school, we take pride in providing healthy and delicious meals to our students. Our school lunch menu is designed to provide nutritious and balanced meals, with vegetarian and vegan options available. We also offer a school breakfast menu with plenty of healthy choices, including whole grains, fruits, and low-fat dairy. On Fridays, we offer a vegan menu, featuring dishes that are both delicious and nutritious. We strive to make our menu items as healthy as possible, so that our students can enjoy the best possible nutrition.


School transportation is an essential part of the educational experience for many students. The school bus provides a safe and reliable way for students to get to and from school each day. The NYCDOE provide transport services to ensure that all students have access to a safe and comfortable journey. However, on occasion, school buses may be late due to traffic, bad weather, or other unexpected circumstances. In these cases, parents should contact the school or transportation agency to ensure that their child is safe and to determine the status of the school bus.

Student Life

At P.S. 189M, success isn’t just an option—it’s the only option. We provide the right balance of rigor and support to help every student succeed with grade-level standards. Our unique, inquiry-based approach builds self-confidence, nurtures creativity and expression, and develops the critical 21st Century Skills students will need for success in high school, college and career. This approach has paid off through strong growth on state achievement testing and scores that put us above the district average. We support student success through:

  • A whole-child approach that meets the academic, social and emotional needs of each child

  • Data-driven decisions that use formative assessment to tailor instruction to individual needs

  • A positive learning environment to build self-esteem and confidence

  • Research-based instructional practices and a rigorous academic curriculum

  • A culture of teamwork and collaboration among teachers, students and parents


As a NYC Magnet School, we welcome applications from all students within the five boroughs of New York City. First priority is given to students living within our zoned area. 

  • Find your attendance zone and district.       

  • To apply for 3K, PreK or Kindergarten enrollment, follow the  NYCDOE Enrollment Process.                      

  • For out-of-zone enrollment (grades 1 – 5), visit our office during school hours for a Magnet School application.

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