R. Perez, Principal

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To speak with one of our staff members, please call our office at 212-927-8303 between 8:00am & 2:20pm

Ms. Grullon

Prek, K and 1st Grades X-2611 

Meet Our Supervisors

The PS189M Supervisors work with parents, teachers, students and the principal to ensure quality education is being provided to each student of our school. They provide their teachers with the support and advice needed for success.  They provide parents and students with resources and daily counseling for success inside and outside our school, and consult the school's Principal and Superintendent to ensure that guidelines and requirements are being met.

Ms. Jordan

Ms. Jordan is the Assistant Principal and administrator for grades 2nd and 5th.  

Ms. Estevez

Ms. Estevez is the Assistant Principal and administrator for grades 3rd and 4th.  

Ms. Grullon

Ms. Grullon is the Assistant Principal and administrator for grades Pre-K through 1st.  

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Meet Our Office Staff

The PS189M office staff are the first members of our team you will interact with.  They are true professionals who will go out of their way to ensure the needs of our parents, guests, teachers and students are met.  Please come in and say hello.

Ms. L. Antigua

Ms. L. Antigua is our office aide and is typically the first person you will see when entering the office. Ms. L. Antigua is very resourceful and provides clerical and administrative support to the principal, assistant principal, and secretaries.

Ms. F. Antigua

Ms. F. Antigua is the Principal and Payroll Secretary and is a resourceful and friendly member of our office staff.  She is loved by all members of our staff.

Ms. Madrid

Ms. Madrid is our Pupil Accounting Secretary. If you have any questions, or need assistance in regards to student enrollment and compliance she is the right person to speak to. She will be more than happy to help you.

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Meet Our Counselors & Parent Support Staff

Our counselors and parent support staff really love their work.  Our two counselors work with our students supporting them both inside and outside the classroom.  They listen to students’ concerns about academic, emotional or social problems and help them process their problems and plan goals and action.  Mr. Suero and Mr. Garces also mediate conflict between students and teachers and Improve parent/teacher relationships. 

Our Parent Coordinator is always coming up with great ideas on how to get parents involved.  She is part of the administrative team working under the supervision of the principal.   Our PTA president is an advocate of student success and represents your needs and concerns.

Mr. Suero

Mr. Suero supports students in grades 4 and 5.  He counsels them on making wise decisions and good judgment, and advises the students and parents on making middle school choices.

Mr. Garces

Mr. Garces works with our younger population of students servicing Pre-K through 2nd grades.  He meets with the students individually and in small groups advising them on various topics to promote positive interactions with each other and their teachers.

Mrs. Suero

Mrs. Suero is our Parent Coordinator and is always active offering parents various fun and engaging activities during and after school.  These activities and meetings allow parents to become informed and educated in topics related to student achievement, ESL classes, trips and parental involvement. She strives to engage and involve parents in the school community by working with the principal, school staff, school leadership team, parent associations and community groups. 

Ms. Vielka Nuñez

Mrs. Nuñez is our PTA President and also provides many services and information to our parents.  She is very resourceful and is always looking for ways to advocate your needs and concerns. 

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Meet our teaching staff

Ms. Vela
Ms. Taveras-Compres
Ms. Pabon & Ms. Rosario
Ms. Basora
Ms. Phipps
Ms. Trinidad
Ms. Calotta
Ms. Acosta
K, 1
Ms. Weinberger
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